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Contents Insurance

We all have an idea of the things we’d grab if our house was burning down.

The truth is, almost everything can be replaced. As long, that is, as you’ve purchased the right contents insurance.

At Watson & Co, we source policies that are tailored to you. Whether you’re a photographer with expensive equipment or you rely on your laptop for work and need protection both at home and away, we take pride not only in securing the best possible products for you, but in getting them at a favourable rate, too. A Watson & Co-sourced policy is reliable, comprehensive and exactly what you need to live worry-free.

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The Benefits

What’s covered?

Accidental Damage Cover

Receive cover for items that are damaged or destroyed by an accident at home.

Credit Card Misuse

If you’re the victim of credit card fraud, you won’t be liable for the unauthorised payments made on it.

Deeds, registered bonds and personal documents

Cover for important documents that may be damaged or destroyed.

No Claims Discount

Get money off your renewal when you don’t make a claim.

Door Lock Replacements

Your insurer will cover the cost of a new door lock if yours is broken or damaged.

Domestic outbuilding contents (other than garages)

Get peace of mind with cover for your shed, garden room or other domestic outbuildings.

Frozen Food

Cover for spoilt food in the case of a power outage.


Feel secure knowing your tools, furniture, and other garden items are covered.

Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Furs

Protect fine jewellery and other items that may have both monetary and sentimental value.


Financial protection for any cash stored at home.

Seasonal/ Wedding Increase Info

You may need to update your contents insurance around Christmas or just before your wedding to cover gifts, your wedding dress, etc.

Technology and Devices

Insure your TV, phone, laptop, and other gadgets against damage and theft.

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